Wednesday, 3 May 2017

2 Weeks Of Holiday

In the holidays I stayed home in 2 weeks of holiday because I was doing my homework everyday. In the evening I walked with my parents to the shop to buy 2 package of pizza & 2 fizzy drink bottle for my dinner too.
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Last week Dillion call me on my phone for 2 minute chat on my messenger and then later he when back home to play on his xbox to have FUN. I enjoy my 2 weeks of holidays and I hope I'll have fun in next holiday.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Athletics Day

Last Thursday we went to Athletics at mount smart stadium We all went on the bus but we had to pay $2. At mount smart stadium I came 2nd place 2 times from 100 & 200 meter run and I was happy because my teacher Sarah was happy as we'll for our class called Sommerville Special School. Then later we do a relay with me, Dillion, Allan & Vikki, 4 of us we came first on the final relay and I hope we enjoy ourselves at mount smart stadium and we will do some running next time or next year.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Kevins Class Mates

Today at morning tea I met Kevin's class mates from Edgewater College last year. From Kevin's class mates I met 2 new friends from Edgewater College named Cole & Ethan, and then I hangout with my old partner Jordan because he is my best partner forever. And later I enjoyed hanging out with Kevin's class mates and I hope we will met us again next time.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Community Links Class

Last week ago I went to the community links class with my parents and my class mates as well. When I looked inside the class room I saw the lego airplanes, photos of jobs, Computer and Laptops, they have Gym. They work at Altus, Elim House, Plunket, Warehouse, food bank & op shop. I met Vikki and Michael's friend Keenen. The teacher Sarah was glad to see us at community links class. In next year when I grow up I wish I'll be mechanic in my whole life. I enjoyed the community links class and I hope I'll try it next year.

Our Te Hapori

3 weeks ago I started a classroom called Te Hapori at Sommerville Special School. I met new teachers named Lionel, Sarah & Elaine, because they are good teachers and they will help me to learn new things. My first time at work ex I went with Marciano, Michael, William & our teacher Jiten to the fire corp industries at Mt. Smart.

My Technology Challenge part 2

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For my technology challenge I like making a race track for the go kart race.

1. Use 1 ruler to draw a straight line or 1/4 circle of corner

Christmas Day

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In 5 more weeks until Christmas I might get Play Station 4...

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or maybe Xbox 1 as well...

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In my birthday I might get a same phone called Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 because I lost my phone last year, that why I need to buy a another phone and keep it to my self for next year.