Sunday, 26 June 2016

Gym Fitness

Every morning we do some workouts to keep fit. Before we workout we warm up to get our muscles ready to exercise. 

Troy likes using the dumbbells. He likes using his muscles to workout.

Katy likes the bike. It gets the muscles in her legs fit.

Lauren likes doing the Lat Pull down machine because she can stretch out her muscles.

Finn likes doing the sitting press. It makes his muscles stronger.

Dillion likes the bike. He enjoys going faster and faster.

Michael likes exercising his legs. They are getting stronger.

Bradley likes doing bench presses because it helps him build up his chest and arm muscles.

Joseph likes riding the bike because it is cool.

Jordan likes dumbbells because to increase  my arm muscles.

Friday, 24 June 2016

"My Points"

Happy-Oval by Korrawl

Edgewater 3 have been learning about addition in our Maths classes. To help us add up our daily points we have made spreadsheets. We publish our Points on our blogs to show our our friends and family how hard we are working at school.

Click the "My Points" Page Tab above or the link below to look at my points.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Make a poster to show you understand the water safety rules.

            D.  Health and Safety            

Make a poster to show you understand the water safety rules.

IMG_1409.JPG     IMG_1413.JPG   

My learning challenge is to use Google Docs to make a Water Safety Poster that teaches people how to be safe when they are around water. To help me get some good water safety poster ideas I will:

  1. Talk about the water safety rules with my class.

  1. Ask my Art Teacher “What makes a good poster?”

  1. Look at some posters around our classroom or on the internet.

Then I will: Draw a simple plan of my water safety poster.

Then I will: Make my water safety poster.

When I finish I will ask my teacher to print a copy of my poster for display and a copy for my Headway folder.