Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Kelvin the Guinea Pig - Manaiakalani Film Festival

Hello everyone...

My name is Troy and I come from Edgewater College.

For my Headway Animals project I learnt about Guinea Pigs.

I hope you enjoy the friendly Guinea Pig movie I made.


  1. Well done Troy! Keenen thinks it was awesome. How did you make your movie? What fantastic animations where did you get them from? Did you draw them yourself?
    Vikki thought it was cool how you created your voice on your movie. Aidan wants to know if you got any help?

    Thanks Te Hapori

  2. mive solw dog cta niirp

    movie show dog cat drawing

    Emma said this movie was her favorite. She really enjoyed it! Thanks

    From Emma

  3. Hi there
    I really enjoyed kelvin the guinea pig.I like the backdrop. Good job

    Kind regards


  4. Hi there
    I really loved your movie the guinea pig was so cute is that your guinea pig ? Amazing work
    From Lily

  5. Hi Sommerville School,
    I really loved your movie about Kelvin the Guinea pig because kelvin told us everything about him.
    From Aeisha

  6. This will help people take care of a ginny pig like Kelvin

  7. I love how you take care of your ginny pig.And this will help peaple take care of ginny pigs just like Kelvin

  8. This movie was so cool and this is made from puppet pals 2 app.

  9. I like your movie. Its a nice guinea pig.The cage is clean.

  10. Hi Troy
    I like your Guinea Pig movie.It is cool.

  11. Hi Troy, your movie makes me want to go get a pet Guinea pig!

  12. Hi Troy
    I liked your movie because I like Guinea pig!. good job Troy
    from katy

  13. Hi Troy that was a very good movie. My fave bit was when you go in the plain. I give you a 8/10

  14. Great movie Troy,I love guinea pigs.

  15. In this movie it just shows the pictures of guinea pigs in different colours.

  16. Hi Troy we are Room 12 from Hamilton East School and we loved your movie.
    Tom - I like the way you used Puppet Pals 2.
    Ms O'Neil - do guinea pigs like baths? I can't imagine they would?
    Ryka - I like how you moved your character up and down the ramp.
    Jack - I like that you explained what you need when you're a guinea pig.

  17. Hi Troy i'm from Hamilton east school in rm 12
    I love how creative u are and in u'r film tolled people about geny pigs.

  18. Thanks for my movie everyone.